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  • History of the Phone number: All-Number Calling

    As discussed in the first part ("History of the Telephone Number: Early Years") of this series, telephone numbers through the first half of the twentieth century used the 2L-5N system (two letters and 5 numbers). The two letters of the telephone numbers corresponded to a remarkable word, such as BUtterfield or ANdrew. As demand grew following World War II, however, limitations in this system rapidly emerged. The character 1 was reserved for long-distance dialing, and 0 was reserved for the operator. Several combinations, such as 57 and 97, were unusable because it was difficult to make a matching word. Find more info on talktalk contact number .

    The Bell System split some location codes to allow reuse of numbers, which worked for a time - only 2 brand-new area codes were added between 1962 and 1981. In 1958, AT&T started the slow transition to all-number calling (ANC), gradually changing the letters with numbers. All-number calling was very first carried out in smaller neighborhoods; Wichita Falls, Texas, was the very first to finish the conversion in 1958.

    At first, telephone directory sites printed the complete word associated with the exchange; e.g., BUtterfield 5-6861. In the 3rd, printed directories revealed only the seven-digit number: 285-6861.

    By 1965, all brand-new phone numbers conformed to all-number calling, but the nationwide transition lasted well into the early 80s. New York City did not transform completely to ANC until 1978, and one Philadelphia directory site still listed alphanumeric prefixes as late as 1983.

    Surprisingly, making use of the 555 prefix in movies and TV started in this area, originally as KLondike 5. The 555 prefix was reserved for the telephone company, and usually utilized just for directory assistance (555-1212). Movie and TV authors started utilizing it as a method to prevent generating any undesirable calls to an existing number (as famously occurred with the 1982 song, "867-5309/ Jenny").

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